The Top 10 Pet-Friendly Airlines

Have you ever wondered if you can fly with your pets? Well, the answer is generally yes, you can fly with your pets if they are small enough to fit in the cabin of the aircraft and if they have a valid health certificate. The regulations for flying with pets vary from one country to another but most countries allow pets to be carried as checked baggage or cargo, provided that they are suitably packaged and accompanied by valid health certificates.

Let’s be honest, our pets are a part of our families and it’s only natural that we want to take them with us on our vacations. These days, there are many airlines that allow pets on their planes. Some airlines have different restrictions on traveling with pets. Some airlines only allow one pet per passenger and the weight limit for pets is usually around 20 pounds.

Flying with pets can be a stressful experience. The airline may not allow certain breeds of dogs or cats on the plane and there are strict rules about how much space they need to be given. Pets can’t carry their own food, water, or medications so you need to make sure you have all that with you.

The airline will usually require a health certificate for your pet 48 hours before your flight, but it’s worth checking with them when booking the flight just in case they have any other requirements. Pets also need to have their own carrier and this needs to fit in the overhead lockers above your seat as well as under the seat in front of you. You’ll also need to check whether your carrier is too big for hand luggage before boarding the plane. It’s important not to forget anything because if you do then there is no one else who can do it for you and that could cause problems at security checkpoints and during boarding time.

The following are a few examples of airlines that allow pets to fly with passengers:

-Alaska Airlines allows up to two dogs or cats per person in the cabin and one pet in the cargo hold;

-JetBlue allows one dog or cat per person in the cabin and up to two pets in the cargo hold;

-Southwest Airlines allows one pet per person on all flights.

List of Airlines That Allow Pets

-American Airlines

-Delta Air Lines

-Southwest Airlines

-Air Canada

-Air France

-Alaska Airlines

-British Airways

-Hawaiian Airlines

-JetBlue Airways



List of Airlines That Allow Pets in the Cabin

-American Airlines

-US Airways

-Delta Air Lines

-Hawaiian Airlines

-United Airlines

-Air Canada