Save Big with Flight and Car Rental Bundles

Save Big with Flight and Car Rental Bundles

Rental car and flight bundles have become a popular way for travelers to save money when booking a vacation. Although bundles are not always the cheapest option but they do provide a convenient way for travelers to book their travel and accommodation needs in one place.

Travelers can easily find bundles by searching for flights and rental cars at the same time, or they can find them by looking up flights and rental cars separately on their website of choice. With so many price comparison and aggregator websites available, there is definitely going to be an option to purchase airline tickets and car rentals in one go, most likely with a discount on both. Booking in a bundle is also great way to save time and effort. Discounts vary considerably, but when you bundle your flight and rental car together, you can expect to save anywhere from 5% all the way up to 30% off the cost of your trip.

Before the advent of online travel booking websites, the cost of a airline tickets and car rentals was a simple matter of supply and demand. The more people wanted to fly to a particular destination and a particular time, the higher the price would go. But now that airlines have near-perfect information on all their flights and how many seats are being bought in real time, they can provide more stable and lower prices to consumers who book in advance.

The cost of a flight depends on many different factors, including where you’re flying to, where you’re flying from, as well as how much flexibility you want with your travel plans. The cost of renting cars typically varies on which vehicle you are renting as well as your own car insurance risk profile. The average price for a rental car is around $25 for 24 hours in most parts of the US, but prices fluctuate drastically based on a myriad of factors.

Another way you can save money when booking rental cars is by becoming a member with a rental service. For a low monthly fee you can save a lot of money on rental vehicles, especially if you are a frequent traveler. For example, one of the most popular car rental companies Hertz offers discounts for member and the rental costs can be as low as $12 per day.

The cost of renting a car also varies by location and whether the vehicle is an economy or luxury vehicle. For example, in New York City it is much more expensive to rent a vehicle than in other areas in the United States.

Some companies offer discounts for students or seniors. Yet another way of getting rates is by booking your rental online months in advance of your trip. If you leave booking until the last minute, don’t be surprised if prices are much higher than you expect or if all the bookings are gone (especially for an event such as a popular sports game or around popular travel times like Thanksgiving).

One last way you can get more affordable rates by using a coupon code or promo code when you book your reservation online. It’s easy to find these online with a simple search and it’s often surprising how much you can save just by spending a few seconds looking up a valid coupon code!

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